Download the Loading Capacity Calculator


How much weight can a modular structure support?

This calculator will help you determine what is the maximum weight allowed at a single point on any length of a round or square tube.

Use it for: 

  • help determine the fundamental of how much the longest span can hold

  • minimize tube deflection
  • find the maximum weight allowed
  • avoid unnecessary material breakage
  • prevent accidents

Before downloading the tool, read the disclaimer below.
Yield strength is the maximum stress that can be developed in a material. When a material is stressed, it deforms in a way that can be recovered if the Yield strength does not reach the MAXIMUM YIELD STRENGTH which represents the upper limits of forces that can be applied without causing permanent deformation. Any deformation caused by stress greater than the yield strength is irreversible and dangerous. Bear in mind that this simple loading capacity formula is intended solely to provide you with general guidelines. If you are unsure of your structure’s weight resistance, please contact your project manager for help.